Snow globes are pretty, but they’re both fragile and seasonal. This thing’s a 1.3-pound aluminum snow cube that will attract attention year round. This desk ornament is based on a classic 7-step Turner’s cube design. Each cube starts from a solid piece of aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and is produced on[…]

Cube 3.0 Globe – Red / Yes

A bowl that utilises a geometric wire theme to give a unique look to the design. The bowl can be used to store a variety of items of varying sizes. The bowl itself is made out of iron with the base being made out of a wood effect robust MDF.[…]

Golden Geometric Style Wire Bowl

Strawberry slice polymer clay pieces are generously weighed in 1oz portions (we always overweigh our glitter and polymer clay pieces) and packaged in plastic 2oz containers with screw-tight lids. Perfect for snow globe tumblers, slime and more! This product is NON-EDIBLE. Please don’t eat this! Please keep this item away[…]

Strawberry Slice (Polymer Clay Slices) 1 oz